We have kept sheep for some 15 years. Originally we had sheep from petting farms as grass cutters. At some point we aquired Shetland sheep. The reasons are lost in the mists of time. We like to think that it was something to do with their size, small and nimble,and therefore easy to handle. Oh and then there was their colour….the rich dark brown called ‘moorit’. Shetland sheep do in fact come in the full range of colours from white to black and everything in between. We focus on breeding the darker colours. Of our original trio we still have two of them, Jenny and Holly, a testament to their longevity and our care. Our flock has extended over the years. The breeding ewes tend to lamb twins each year. All our sheep are known by name which is just as well given the regularity with which they loose their ear tags.

We raise Shetlands for a variety of reasons

♥  Showing. We will be at Singleton Rare Breeds Show in July, Cranleigh Show in August and at Findon Sheep Fair in September. In 2013 we were exceptionally lucky and our homebred ram, Sayers Carl was champion at Singleton, Cranleigh and Findon. We have our fingers crossed for 2014.

♥  For breed quality and the sale of breeding stock. Please contact us for details of stock for sale.

♥  The production of high quality, lean low cholesterol meat.

♥  Last year we embarked on a new venture working with Daniel Harris of the London Cloth Company. This micro cloth mill offers hand woven bespoke fabric to designers and tailors. We have commissioned a number of scarves, throws and blankets from them.

♥  Contemporary sheepskin rugs for the home. These can be made to order from two to six skins each.

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